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12/3/2018 (Repost)

The topic of mapping music is one of the most interesting topics I feel that has been discussed in our class. As someone a history major it helps me connect my knowledge of culture and history to show how those aspects reflect upon a certain environment. I was especially interested in the page that listed […]

11/19/2018 (Repost)

This article about the complexity of Pandora really fascinates me. Firstly, because I have never once used Pandora once in my life, I am more accustomed to Google Play, Soundcloud, and using Youtube Red to listen to my music, that or just downloading from links I find on subreddits of bands that I follow. I […]


While I understand that each article is talking about copyright surrounding the “Birthday Song” and explains about how the copyright surrounding the song might be in jeopardy and how the gmu link explains what copyright is in a legal fashion neither article answers my own personal question I had when reading these two article; How […]


I searched Swing music for my music genre. The first earliest mention for Swing comes from around the late 1920’s. The earliest publication describing Swing was published around the 1920’s but most of the articles I used are more modern overviews of swing music. The earliest concept I could find for Swing music was an […]


Stephen Harrison article surrounding the rules of Wikipedia in relationship towards a term used during the Kavanaugh hearing is not one that is really that surprising. As someone who goes on Wikipedia a lot for information or just to dive deep into the rabbit hole of clicking on one term then another its easy to […]


As discussed in class  Miller’s book Segregating Sound talks about the commonality between the hillbillies with their country music and racial music such as the blues. Miller goes into detail of how similar themes among the two types of music and also shows the how both of these genres were viewed in their time.  The interesting thing […]


By talking about the steel guitar and the minstrel show the word “appropriated” has come up a lot. The word “appropriated” has become a buzz word in the modern world and has become synonymous to purposely stealing. But although the definition of the word is to take without permission it doesn’t necessarily mean it is […]


It is interesting to see how the early version of the internet handled its spreading of information. To have information without some restrictions and show that this project didn’t need a system of hierarchy is very ironic when comparing it to today’s modern version of the internet. For example, ideas of net neutrality and the […]


I will be honest the concepts of idealism and realism have never been an interest of mine nor will it probably ever be. Mainly because I’m not a philosophical person in the first place and that I find the idea that a person must be either one thing or the other to be ludicrous . […]

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