12/3/2018 (Repost)

The topic of mapping music is one of the most interesting topics I feel that has been discussed in our class. As someone a history major it helps me connect my knowledge of culture and history to show how those aspects reflect upon a certain environment. I was especially interested in the page that listed the different songs of civil war, I am very big civil war historian and I love hearing songs by soldiers in history. It did not come as a surprise when listening to the different songs from different states gave a different view of the war. For instance most of the southern states, which had been apart of the CSA, sung about fighting the north and for their homes and when you hear songs from the northern states it is not shocking to hear that most of the songs are about putting down a rebellion or have a very patriotic view of the Union. This mapping of music from a historical perspective can help give a narrative how perspective both from a governmental to a social level were and that they also give a more humanistic approach to looking at people or societies from the past.

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