While I understand that each article is talking about copyright surrounding the “Birthday Song” and explains about how the copyright surrounding the song might be in jeopardy and how the gmu link explains what copyright is in a legal fashion neither article answers my own personal question I had when reading these two article; How do those who hold the copyright on an item or concept know how much to charge someone for using there idea or concept? Do those who hold the copyright suggest a starting price and haggle with the other person for a specific price? Is there a set legal value for certain items that hold a copyright? For example, can a song have a higher copyright than say a product placement in a movie? Does the price of the copyright depend on the popularity of the item? Can the person using the item set how much they can pay at that time to use the item in, for example a skit or movie? I have always wondered for example when I watch a movie and there is a shot of a car that clearly pans over the company of the car, which shows that the makers of the movie are sponsoring that car company, does this mean that these people get paid by that company to show off their car while at the same time have to pay the car company for showing their product in the movie? If that’s the case who actually benefits from this and do both payments cancel each other out?

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