I searched Swing music for my music genre. The first earliest mention for Swing comes from around the late 1920’s. The earliest publication describing Swing was published around the 1920’s but most of the articles I used are more modern overviews of swing music. The earliest concept I could find for Swing music was an early style of big band music mixed from the 1920’s jazz. Swing would usually incorporate large dance groups following the beat and “swing” of the music. This style of music has a pulse that is would divide unequally between long and short burst. During these bursts would when dancers would mimic the movement of their bodies on how each bursts was played. For example, if short burst would happen repeatedly the dances would either move their feet or arm in short bursts of movements. The biggest  and earliest swing musician I could find was a man named Benny Goodman. Goodman won a radio show with his band and slowly gained traction as listeners turned on the radio. Goodman would also introduce a style of swing called ‘Hot Swing” which called for a call and response from the orchestral and band sections of the main band. Swing would later be an influence for later Hip Hop and Pop music as well as the more modern genre called Electro Swing. Electro Swing incorporates all the styles of classical swing while adding in styles of EDM that are sometimes used in modern clubs to give a modern feel to an older genre of music.

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