As discussed in class  Miller’s book Segregating Sound talks about the commonality between the hillbillies with their country music and racial music such as the blues. Miller goes into detail of how similar themes among the two types of music and also shows the how both of these genres were viewed in their time.  The interesting thing about Miller’s book is that when describing the racial divide of genres of music in the South, Miller says that “people’s music was less defined by who there and more defined by what type of music people were able to hear”. With this idea Miller goes into great detail of different singers reputation depending on what type of music they played rather than focusing on what race the person was. For example he has a black musician playing folk style music and gained much popularity while other black musicians who played blues in the South did not become as popular. Reading this part of book amazed me cause it broke some of my preconceptions of how racial groups were divided in a cultural setting. Before I thought that only certain communities in the South, African Americans for example, could only play certain types of music because of segregation but now thanks to Miller’s book its shows that although these groups were forcibly segregated into their own communities they were allowed to share and developed another communities genre of music and work of it.


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