I will be honest the concepts of idealism and realism have never been an interest of mine nor will it probably ever be. Mainly because I’m not a philosophical person in the first place and that I find the idea that a person must be either one thing or the other to be ludicrous . Throughout the class multiple people gave their own reasoning for being either an idealist or a realist, and during the conversations I started to think whether I was a realist or an idealist since I never have thought about it before. But during my thought process I realized that I am both a realist and idealist. For example, I view the idea of peace through an realist point of view, since I think that there is no true version of peace since the idea of peace can differ from person to person. But if I looked at a peace of naturalist art I am an idealist because in naturalist art the point of it is to show things in their natural form to paint or sculpt them as such and if they are not made in such away they are not ideal in my opinion. So for the most part the concepts of realism and idealism are two sides of the same coin and I think that myself and the others can views themselves not just as one of the sides of the coin but the rather the coin itself.

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